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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 9, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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area and the arsonist. >> reporter: that's right. no leads yet on that suspect. and the heat has not let up yet. the temperature gauge is showing it's only 3 degrees higher from today's probable high. an ember flying onto property could be disastrous. >> everybody here's a nervous wreck. >> reporter: liver more firefighters are on their toes during this stretch of hot weather. they say a serial arsonist is on the loose, having so far set five fires since saturday night. chris gowdy works very near one of the blazes and is hoping security tape caught the suspect. >> if ithopefully it's not an arsonist, but if it is, i hope they catch him soon. >> reporter: triple digit
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temperatures and wind, with that combination, things can get out of hand. ? we have to make sure that we keep our people in good shape and hydrated. know being it's a fire that didn't have to happen is definitely a step back for us. >> reporter: the heat isn't a set back for livermore residents who are used to the annual misery. they crowd yogurt shops which have seen a 20% increase in sales. this fountain is a local favorite when it's hot. the kids obviously love it. >> we don't have an air conditioner at home. so i'm always trying to find ways to keep them cool and run some energy out of them so they're tired. >> reporter: back to the arson, no one's been hurt, and no buildings or homes have been damaged, but of course, that's the fear. that could change at any moment. >> it is a very real fear.
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another suspected arsonist is in jail tonight in santa rosa. police took a 50 year old into custody today after several fires broke out and is facing eight counts of arson. how much hotter can it get? things are changing as we speak. jeff ranieri is tracking our temperatures. >> it was the hotst day of the year for places in the tri valley like livermore which did top out at some of the hottest levels, 105 degrees there. not only that, san ramon also up to 105. alamo, 103. walnut creek coming in at 103. as we take a look at the current temperatures, it has started to cool off a little bit. 70s near the bay and a 20 to 30 degree temperature spread. the tri valley is the hottest. brent wood, 101.
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then you've got walnut creek at 99, livermore at 99. it's going to stay dangerously warm. so those of you in the east bay do want to limit your outdoor exposure and remember the water. a little bit of wind across the bay, moving down into sunnyvale and san jose, temperatures in the low 80s. then a huge extreme at the coastline. 58 in pacifica, and then you go over to san mateo and we're tracking 70. it is all about the winds in the bay area. hot high pressure that brought us dre northerly winds for this heat event is going to begin to fade for tuesday. and as we see this fade, temperatures are going to drop. coming up, i'll have a preview of how much they'll drop in just a few. >> you can access your specific neighborhood forecast on our website. put in your zip code. we're following a developing story out of san pablo where a
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father was found shot to death and his three children are nowhere to be found. the police made the discovery in the back yard of the family's home near 8:00 this morning. at this point they're not releasing the father's name. investigators did release photos of two of the three children that are missing. they are a 6 year old and a 12 year old. not pictured is a 2-year-old juan carlos ortez. the mother does not live with the family, and she is, so far, also missing. we have new details on the car crash involving the oakland mayor. was she using her phone? did she run a red line? she is on the defensive. we know that. several witnesses with different stories. what's the truth here? >> reporter: raj, the mayor says that her cell phone records will prove that she wasn't using her cell phone, and she hopes a police investigation will conclude she didn't run a red
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light either. tonight, the mayor is in the hot seat for her record in the driver's seat. >> i'm very grateful that nobody was hurt. it could have been a very bad accident yesterday. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan says she's soar andre and shaken after getting in a fender bender. this morning she went on the defensive. >> i was driving between a couple community events and was on market when i was hit from the rear. and it spun my car around. >> reporter: kwan yin cysts she was not using remember cell phone, claiming she used it her lesson after photos of her using her phone behind the wheel surfaced last week. but she said she can't say for certain whether or not she ran a red light. >> i do not believe so, but, you know, we're going to let the police investigation confirm that or not confirm that. >> i saw her. she ran the red light and caused
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the accident. >> reporter: she saw the crash and says the mayor was at fought. the mayor's prius got the boot after she failed to pay her parking tickets. she got a red citation last year. then there was the driving and texting citations and now this. >> you're still a regular person. you have to follow the law like everybody else has to. >> reporter: at least one witness says the mayor's not to blame. >> she still was going through the yellow, and the girl kind of went ahead and kind of hit her car in the side. >> reporter: now the mayor's spokesperson says they're now looking into getting a driver for mayor jean quan, using a combination of volunteers and city staff to help get the mayor around. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. san francisco sex traffic
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ring busted, according to the state attorney general. two sisters in their 30s are in jail tonight accused of running four brothels in the richmond district. the women are from mainland china are charged with felony pimping. undercover agents said the sisters told them so called new girls were brought if every week to work. san jose's new mayor, will it be the same as the old mayor? it came as little surprise that chuck reed endorsed sam lacardo. what does this mean? >> reporter: well, marriyor ree cannot continue to run. he says sam lacardo is the right man for the job. some are saying as the city took
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on pension reform it may have also dealt a hit to safety. >> sam is honest. he's got integrity. he'll do right by the residents and taxpayers of san jose. >> reporter: and we've got mayor chuck reed endorsing sam liccardo to fill his role next year. he is facing off against dave cortese. >> we need to continue to work to ensure future generationing of san jose residents will benefit from a city that's both sustainable and prosperous. >> reporter: but some wonder whether pension reform has helped or hurt the city. voters widely approved measure b, requiring firefighters to pay more for their pension funds. many say the election will come down to that issue. >> i'm urging the people to stay on the path to using fiscal
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reforms to restore the services, to continue to improve this city. >> we're all for pension reform, but i've criticized his approach to some extent. >> reporter: cortese says they've gone too far. >> it's been a mess. and if the public wants more of the same, eight more years of this, then they vote liccardo. if they want to fix this, they vote for cortese. >> i'm looking forward to the public debates with him. >> reporter: he has a number of supporters, including the powerful unions. reporting live, derek shore. a man hunt for a dangerous man is over tonight. lapd arrested him after a wild chase. this is how it started, 10:15 in the morning. officers tried to stop the man in the red car. he was weaving in and out of
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traffic. finally pulled over but jumped out with an assault rifle and ran through a neighborhood. the man appeared on the roof of a house still armed with that assault rifle. l.a. s.w.a.t. teams moved in and shot a canister of tear gas into that house. the man surrendered a few minutes later. he was wanted for threatening someone. still ahead at 6:00, who's doing their part in the bay area saving water, and which cities aren't? see this blue line? when it was ignored, it led to a terrible accident. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. dangerous record-setting heat today. one of the hottest, livermore at 105 degree, besting the old record of 102 set in 1973. we'll tell you how long this is going to last coming up in about six minutes. ♪
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a family stroll at ferberman's wharf turned to tragedy. a metal sculpt tour of a dolphin fell on this little boy and killed him. tonight, the police say the art gallery had ignored warnings about putting that sculpt tour on the sidewalk. mark matthews is at fisherman's wharf. >> reporter: none of the businesses want to talk with us. you see this blue line here. that's the police line that they say you cannot cross if you are a merchant. can you not put your goods, your sculpt tours, your artwork on the sidewalk. however, this gallery, the majestic gallery was warned about the dolphin statue. they ignored the warning, and it cost a young boy his life. 2-year-old casen wanted to go up
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and touch the dolphin statue. >> he wanted to go up and touch it. and he stepped with a foot on the base of it. and the statue came down on top of him. >> reporter: by phone from his home south of salt lake city, scott shelton described how his son was crushed. the statue, a smaller version of this one, stood 6 feet tall. and it was out in front of the store on the sidewalk. >> he was out on the sidewalk. it was not inside the store. it was on the sidewalk. >> reporter: not in the doorway? >> not in the doorway. >> reporter: scott shelton says it was an irresistible attraction for any 2-year-old. >> i think any 2-year-old would go toward anything like that. >> reporter: police say the gallery was warned last year do not put the statue or any statue beyond the blue line. >> this specific business was advised about this statue. >> reporter: but a spokesman for the department says the warning was ignored. and so on friday, the gallery got a citation.
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lori and john reed used to live up the street. they say this gallery flaunted the rule frequently. >> i think they should be held responsible. that child was killed. >> they're going to approach that. i am so sad that happened. >> reporter: they said the penalty has yet to be determined. the gallery has issued a response saying this was a tragic accident, they are cooperating with police and their hearts and prayers are with the boy's family. nbc bay area news. an internal police investigation is under way in oakland tonight after a police suv struck and injured a pedestrian. a woman was crossing international boulevard near 84th about 10:30 when she was struck by the cruiser. emergency lights and sirens
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weren't turned on. investigators say her injuries are not life threatening. this marks the second time in two months that an oak land police officer has struck a pedestrian. the rising cost of living and a cut in pay. that's the head heine from one of the largest surveys ever done on the wages of california grocery store workers. the study done by calan uc davis found one in three grocery workers are now on some type of public assistance. the median wage at unionized stores dropped. costco was given high marks and safe way and albertsons were criticized for their pay practic practices. instead of cutting water by 20% as requested by the governor, san jose water is finding their customers are using more water, up by 5%. san francisco says their
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customers have dropped by 8%. a south bay water official says san jose will get the message. >> water use is very tied to the weather, and we really, we really need some time for the communications program that we've put in place that we're executing to take effect. you know, you can't flip the conservation switch on and off. certainly the media attention that you're providing is going to help. >> the water company does offer a free water audit service. they can see exactly where their homes, where their yards, where they can save water. we're all feeling the effect of the heat. so is the lawn, too. >> certainly. we're at 101 still at livermore at 6:17. some of the worst gacategories e on the drought monitor. let's get you outside to the sky
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camera network. dangerously hot still across the east bay, even through tonight. you want to make sure to drink plenty of water and take some breaks if you are heading outside. check out the humidity in the east bay and san francisco. you've got 14% humidity in the east bay. the lower that number the drier the air. so dangerous fire concerns right now throughout the try vi valle and east bay. the increased number there is showing the increase in moisture at the coastline, and that is the fog coming back and the temperatures beginning to cool down. so we do have changes coming our way as early's tomorrow. as we take a look at the averages, it's going to knock down the temperature. the onshore cooling wind by anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees. so yes, some relief for the tri valley, but it's still going to be a hot one. numbers 15 to 20 degrees above arm. fire concern stays up tuesday across the eastern portions of the viewing area.
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san francisco near 70. the north bay 85. and we'll average close to 90 for the south bay. it's still going to be a warm day. so, again, remember, with those drought conditions in place, our fire danger continues to remain significant. we'll get over the biggest factor that's going to be changing our forecast. these arrows are pointed from the west off to the east. that's a sign of the onshore know comi flow coming in. it's going to help transport some fog back into the forecast. you can see for tomorrow morning we'll begin to see the fog build up at the coastline. that's going to be the primary factor of why we're cooling down. and throughout the day we don't expect any kind of major cloudy day for us, but we will, again, see some clouds increase at the immediate clothes line. for the south bay, we'll go down to 83 for your average tomorrow. by thursday, numbers in the low
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70s. san francisco also expecting near 60 as we head throughout wednesday and thursday's forecasts. as we head to the tri valley, after 105 for parts of the tri valley today, down to around 93 for tuesday, 82 wednesday and 70s expected by thursday. we'll have more in the full for example coming up in about 20 minutes. the. coming up. bringing in the coaches. also, it's a billion dollar battle inside of a bay area courtroom. and it could have big implications across college sports. plus -- ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> the east bay man making a name for himself on the biggest stage in the world. ♪
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san francisco will honor maya angelou. she lived in san francisco for many years. she died last month at her home in north carolina. here are the details. the event will be held at glide memorial. the event is free and open to the public. however, seating is limited. they want their piece of the pie. the battle to give top college football and basketball players a cut of the billions of dollars in revenue began in an oakland courtroom today. former ucla star ed o'bannon took the stand today. the lawsuit argues that schools make large amounts of money even licensing and tv deals. athletes images and athletes should get a cut of the deal what does the endorsement of
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reed for lacardo worth? >> endorsements are huge. we rely on them most when we're kind of uncertain as to how to vote. they come from all places. the media, individuals, friends, organizations. you maim it. and the idea is with endorsements, we trust others to help us make decisions. and of course sometimes they work. and the other way, the endorser has little or no sway or value with the voter, and when that happens it could really be a negative. >> and that comes to our next question. will lacardo get a bump? >> if we only knew. how hard does the mayor intend to work for liccardo. but if the endorsement is just a few words and nothing more, then it's going to fade-away.
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more important, what's reed's standing with the community? that's at the heart of it. if he's popular, ride could bring over some votes. on the other hand, if he's not, reed could cost liccardo some votes. >> they both support measure b which dramatically changed the retirement and disability programs for cops and city workers. this is the polarizing issue. >> now we're getting to the heart of it. absolutely. for this reason, when all is said and done. reed's endorsement is just going to be one among many. police, the fire junior, business groups, neighborhood associations. countless others. they're all going to weigh in on the race with their own endorsements. now if the voters -- the big if -- if they're up to speed on their values, these endorsements aren't going to amount to much. but to the extent that voters are uncertain about how to vote, an endorsement by married like
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others could help or hurt, depending upon how the voters feel about him. >> the countdown is on for this november election. thank you, larry. it's like putting kerosene on a fire, you know. >> coming up, check your 401(k). the move by apple that could boost your retirement fund. it may have been one of the last conversations of their life. a neighbor reveals what a couple accused of going on a rampage did before that rampage. a new focus on drowsy driving after a crash involving tracy morgan. what we're learning about the man behind the wheel of the truck that allegedly hit them.
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we continue to follow a developing story now in san pablo. police are asking for the public's help. a father has been found dead and three of his children and their mother are missing at this hour. the father was found in the back yard of his home. this is on 16th street near bush avenue. he was found dead this morning. cheryl hurd joins us. what do we know? >> reporter: we just talked with police and they say that they really want to find those three children. and they want to find the mother, because they believe finding them could possibly help them solve this mystery. now police were called to the 1600 block of 16th street in san pablo. when they got there, they found the father, who was dead, at the scene, in the back yard. he has custody of the three
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children, marri, hugo and jean carlo. police also looking for this woman, orleisha ortez. please pr police don't know if she was at the home last night. >> we don't know why she's not been found and why the children are not at the house. we've located other family members and exhausted all our potential leads at this time to locate them. >> reporter: now police are saying that she frequents the san bpablo area, abou but they have an address for her. they can't say who the father is because they have not identified a next of kin for him. and they also don't know if he has a job right now. here's another look at who police are looking for. they are unable to put out an amber alert because they don't have enoh information to do so. they would have to have a
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description of a car or a license plate. they don't have any of that. if you have any of that information please contact san pablo police. we're also following breaking news in livermore. police say a suspected serial arsonist is in custody. he's a minor. 17 years old. and investigators say he had a lighter in his possession. now triple digit temperatures made finding him a priority with all the brush and fire danger. he's suspected of setting five fires since last friday night. most were on fields and on hillsides. but investigators worry the crimes could escalate. driven by radical anti-government and beliefs, that's what police are saying about a couple who carried out a killing spree. we're live in las vegas. >> reporter: investigators have been poring through some of that video and internet postings
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throughout the day. we have also been looking through much of that same video trying to learn as much as we can about these shooters. and we have to warn you some of this is pretty disturbing. >> my fellow americans. >> reporter: this is the kind of man investigators say is behind the latest police ambush. >> you can come visit me in jail. >> reporter: here he is in a blubbering ode to his wife. they are the diatribes of a man spilling out government conspiracies. they are talking about how they ambushed two police officers while at lunched. draping one of them with a gadsen flag and a nazi swaus tick a. >> he immediately moved toward the position of jared.
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>> reporter: his wife shot the citizen right in front of walmart and they moved in. they started shooting until amanda killed jared and then herself. this morning we spoke with a close friend of the millers who didn't want to be identified. >> he said we got to do what we got to do. and he left with all kinds of ammo, had his two guns right here. she had hers.38 in her purse. >> did you think at all to call police? >> no, i didn't. >> why not? >> i thought he was talking out the side of his neck. i thought he was talking trash. >> reporter: and just on the other side of this walmart behind me, there is a candlelight general ivigil goin. they have come out in droves. there are hundreds of people showing support for a department that badly needs it. such a disturbing story in las vegas. well, he hadn't slept in 24
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hours. that's what we're learning tonight about that walmart truck driver involved in a crash involving tracy morgan. a criminal complaint was filed today about the crash that happened saturday in new jersey. the truck driver failed to slow for traffic and slammed into morgan's limo bus. the crash killed morgan's friend and left morgan and three others hurt. he is expected to be in the hospital for several weeks. his fiance is by his side. fprofessional development i a term you hear a lot in the business world. now the concept is taking off in the classroom too, and taking seasoned educators to another level. >> so what's the first thing i need to draw? >> it's math time in felicia's class at valley view elementary
6:35 pm
in pleasanton. she is working on the new common core math standards. >> i see a 3. >> a success in her classroom. >> i like the idea that math is more than just the rote adding and subtracting and moving on. >> but today the seasoned teacher is trading places with her kids and turning her whiteboard over to the coach. >> i'm a teacher, and my students are other teachers. say hello, student. >> hello, student. >> dwayne is one of one instructional coaches in the pleasanton juunified school district. today's subject? a numbers talk.
6:36 pm
>> how did you get 45 as your final answer? >> i come into the classroom, model how to do it. it's really an apprenticeship. >> you want to continue to improve. and when you're in the classroom, you're pretty isolated. >> the district superintendent says coaching for new teachers is standard. but coaching for educators with decades of experience is novel. >> one method is -- >> in that it elevates not just one teacher but an entire staff. >> our goal is really to have these coaches impact other teachers who are great teachers, who want to do things differently and to continue to improve their practice. so that we have a lot of coaches. >> she couldn't agree more. >> i'm going to share what he did. it makes sharing and collaborating so much more
6:37 pm
useful. >> he says it is the kids who get the biggest take away. >> we need to be life-long learners. i want them to see that she is a life-long learner just like they are. >> well, the district uses general funds to pay for the instructional coaches. but the program has been so successful that the local education association has added funds to add another coach next year. they want to hire coaches for teachers who work with english learners. i'm scott budman. coming up, the rare move by a silicon valley tech giant to put more money in your pocket. and i'm jeff ranieri. temperatures as high as 105 degrees today. right now we're beginning to cool off across the tri valley, 94 in livermore, also 92 in
6:38 pm
danville. san francisco currently reading in the 60s. a sign of some colder changes. we'll have details on how much cooler coming up in a few minutes.
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olympic star gabi douglas meet olympic star gabi douglas. she was very excited. everyone loved this. the gold medalist's reaction. she's the first star to unveil her wax figure at the new museum at fisherman's wharf. this was during the 2012 olympics. she's first african-american
6:41 pm
gymnast to win the individual all around. it will open on june 26. there is some east bay magic on broadway. heyward actor has won a tony for portraying the genie in aladdin. ♪ i'm in the mood to help you ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> i charmed the crowd last night at the tony's award show. his accept and speech included a shout out to east bay theater department where he studied. >> how about that? >> that is so exciting. >> and we know that jessica enjoys broadway show tunes. >> yes, i love jazz hands. >> great anything. >> can you do that again? love it. hot hands. >> it was hot out there. you can see a live look out
6:42 pm
there in san francisco. the fog is beginning to roll in right now. that's the biggest difference in the forecast. how much that fog will cool us down in a few mints. manny knew chau dough changing his tune. we'll talk about it. and while the giants and a's may top the power rankings, find out which division vie vals says one of those teams has been lucky. ♪
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the do you and s&p 500 closed at record highs again today. a fourth straight high closing. and the number of millionaire households grew by 19% in 2013. that's according to numbers
6:45 pm
released by a boston consulting group today. worldwide there are about 16.3 million millionaires. the actual number is likely higher. the research only looks at financial assets like stocks, bonds and cash. it doesn't include assets like real estate or commodities. it has the highest rate of millionaires in the u.s. you probably own apple stock. and you probably own a lot more of it than you did last week. scott budman joins us. interesting move by apple which impacts a lot of people. >> reporter: yeah, interesting and a rare move. as you say, it's easy to tell who's using apple products. apple shareholders? not so easy to spock unless you consider that apple is in a ton of the funds that we own. today your apple holdings went up. we found margo nunez working her
6:46 pm
iphone and ipad at the same time, possibly tallying up the value of her apple stock. >> i will continue to invest, continue to use the products and continue to see how it grows. >> reporter: her stock holdings just grew thanks to a stock split that increased the number of shares that she has. and because the stock price is still going up, increased her net worth. >> it's positive. because i see that the company's financially stable. that they can split the stock. and they're in it for the long haul. >> reporter: david runs all about trends, tracking apple stock for clients. he says with strong earnings and possible products, apple is a good company to own. and its price, which had been in the 600s just got less intimidating. >> here's an opportunity for investors to get in at a much lower price. if you missed the big runup already in apple, now's the chance to get in at a much lower
6:47 pm
price. >> reporter: these days apple users are easy to spot. if you have a retirement or mutual fund, there's probably some apple in there somewhere. >> apple's helping to fuel the economy. housing is coming back. the bay area is coming back. it's a good time to be in it. >> i'm an artist. so i use it for a lot of, for a lot of what i do. and i like, again, the ease of it and not having to be super tech savvy, and they keep coming out with interesting products. >> reporter: those products have lured investors for years. now apple has made the price of admission 1/7 as high as it was last week. and that lower price lured some new investors in just today. apple shares up another 1.5%. scott budman, nbc bay area news. shall we bring in jeff ranieri? >> let's bring in jeff ranieri.
6:48 pm
a lot of very warm micro climate forecasts. >> even though we expecting some changes by tomorrow, it's still going to be a hot one as we head through parts of our tuesday for example. this dangerous heat really gripped lots of the tri valley. livermore one of the hottest at 105. then you had san ramon, and alamo, very close to that at 103. now we're starting to see some changes on the sky camera network. it's still hot in the east bay with 94 degrees. but in san francisco, 68. and the fog is also building. right now across the golden gate bridge, that's something that we have not had for the past two days this thick. so that is a sign of some cooling coming into the forecast. what you're going to be able to see here as we continue throughout tomorrow is yes, we do have some warm temperatures with us. but the way these winds are going to shift, it's going to really change things
6:49 pm
dramatically. today we had winds out of the north in pleasanton. that's what brought us the heat. but closely watch this graphic and watch those areas that are going to shift more out of the west. that, again, is the cooling pacific breeze that will drop to down to 69. so you have numbers going down tomorrow. send consecutive day of this onshore wind. we'll likely see winds drop. and a chilly 56 expected in half moon bay. so let's take you to the particulars on that micro climate forecast. and what you're going to find is a lot more sunshine. but a much more comfortable day. san jose expecting 83 degrees. full sunshine and 84 in saratoga. for the peninsula, 78 degrees. there's some of that cooling with the westerly wind. palo alto at 81. and in san francisco averaging around 68.
6:50 pm
and arias of cloud cover as you head further into the coast. getting close to ocean beach, likely only some low 60s. north bay, east bay and tri valley. this is where we had some of the hottest weather for today. and you can see primarily for the east bay tomorrow, sure, we'll still get up to 78 in oak land. but you head back towards walnut creek and we're hoping to get you out of the 90s to 88. but for the tri valley, just can't do it. your average will likely be in the 90s, but not as dangerously hot. as you get a look at the tri valley for the next several days you can see temperatures will be about 23 degrees cooler from what we experienced today. quite a cool down. and can you see by friday, saturday and sunday numbers will continue to remain in the 80s. i do want to stress you guys anyone hiding out in the tri valley, make sure to drink plenty of water and limit the outdoor exposure. it's going to be very important. >> very important.
6:51 pm
happening now, dinner is served. members of the san francisco 49ers are helping raise money at a restaurant. they're clearing tables, making pizza, taking photographs, signing autographs for tips that will go to the make a wish foundation. the restaurant will donate a percentage of the sales to the make a wish foundation. >> a lot of the times our players, we have a lot of players at practice and we want to make it an exciting experience. so people don't know who's going to be here tonight. but that's part of the thrill of showing up and finding out for yourself. >> you can see some of the players there walking around, talking to people. it's a good cause and everyone is welcome to attend. dining is on a first come/first serve basis. it's until 8:00 tonight. >> i'm already looking at the menu online. >> in ten minutes, we can head
6:52 pm
out the door. if we hurry, gerard, we can go faster. >> colin kaepernick, in theory, could be waiting and busing tables at this place in the next hour. >> that'd be something, huh? >> he can pick up the tab, too. >> yeah. that's the least he could do. great time to be a baseball fan in the bay area. the giants and a's own the best records in the game. now the experts say it's no fluke with everyone from fox sports and espn listing the g men and the green and gold 1-2. giants have not cooled off at all this june, winning ten of their last 12 games. not to mention their era is the second lowest in baseball since may 27. the team with the lowest, the washington nationals who begin a four-game-set with the g-men at at&t tonight. >> it's really fun to be a giant right now because things are
6:53 pm
going well. but all in all, i think it's a tribute to how relaxed and how comfortable we feel in each of our roles. we've accepted our roles, and we're just trying to do that. i mean, it's just fun, it really is. >> i think the most important thing that we're having is what happened yesterday is stay in the past. we go day by day. we don't worry about who was playing, we just worry about, we got to win that game no matter what. >> meanwhile, the a's take on the angels tonight in anaheim. the halos looking for a little pay back after getting swept in their last series in oakland. still, the green and gold are not without their detractors. and at least one of them wears an angels uniform. ernesto frieri said this. they have a little bit of extra
6:54 pm
luck. if you pay attention every play, it's stupid how every game, the game goes their way. and frieri isn't the only one bothered by the success. throw in manny knew chau dough into the mix as well. knew chau dough, getting into his face and then woke up today realizing the error of his ways and issued this apology. >> i want to apologize to all my teammates, the coaching staff, the organization and, you know, i think it's one of the best teams in all of major league baseball. and, you know, when we're trying to win a world series, you know, a frustrating weekend, you know, and i just let my emotions get the best of me. >> they held a team meeting today to discuss machado's
6:55 pm
actions. so far no suspensions.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
all right. let's give mr. ranieri the last word on this heat. >> we do have the fog coming in. so for those of you in the tri valley, that is really going to spell some relief for you tomorrow. and also some areas of drizzle at the coastline. you can see by tuesday, after 105 today, down to 93 tomorrow. and we'll look at upper 70s by thursday. relief on the way. >> are it's going to feel down right cold by thursday. >> my gosh. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
new photos. mick jagger already moving on with a mystery woman just weeks after l'wren scott's suicide, now on "extra." >> mick's lightning fast rebound, the rolling stone holed up in a hotel room with a swiss waitress. waitress. new couple alert? rhianna's cozy candlelit dinner with gwyneth's ex. plus, antonio banderas in the arms of a blonde right before his split from melanie. was this the final straw? chilling new video. the chaos and panic moments after tracy morgan's car crash. >> all my thoughts and wishes to him and his family. >> the latest on tracy's fragile condition.


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